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Why choose White Cloud?

Our Philosophy

We believe that creating emotions is the key thing in art

- we want to touch people and give lasting, positive feelings

- a glimpse of hope and light in this world.


We believe passing these kinds of feelings; excitement, happiness, enthusiasm and hope via our videos & photography makes them to stand out in the world.

We have always wanted to combine these principles with latest technology and high-end visual and artistic approach.

We believe that the world is a beautiful place, if you just can see it in a certain way.

In addition to these, starting from 2019 all our productions are made sustainably with zero carbon dioxide emissions. We use multiple environmentally-friendly principles when working in White Cloud, and the rest of our fossile carbon footprint is fully compensated via internationally certified methods.

This is the recipe that carries White Cloud and inspires us further every day.

Our Facilities & Equipment

The heart of White Cloud lies in Järvenpää, near Helsinki, the capital of Finland.

Here is located our headquarters where we have a top-of-the-line editing suite with latest software to encompass all formats ranging from basic HD to 8K RED RAW material.

For material capture we use high-end RED Digital Cinema

 and Sony cameras for video and professional studio bodies for still work.

Our acoustically treated 7.1-channel sound studio with latest equipment is located in Helsinki. There we are able to create, mix & master soundscapes to meet even the highest of demands. The facilities also include an 11.2-channel Dolby ATMOS home theatre and a 75" 4K HDR screen for presentation use.

We also have offices in Orivesi in Tampere Region,

and in Levi in Lapland.

Privacy Policy

In White Cloud, we take your privacy and material security seriously. As relating to GDPR, we don't collect data about our clients nor do we keep a register. Only situations when personal information is stored are the following:

- E-mails: information provided by the client in e-mails is stored on our e-mail server located in Finland. Only our team members who need the information have access to those e-mails.

- Billing information (including but not limited to: Name, Address, VAT number) is written on the invoices. They are stored and archived both in our encrypted cloud space and in our accounting company's archives.

Our website is hosted by which is GDPR compliant. Wix places cookies for all sites created with their hosting service. You can read more info about cookies placed by here.

For information on how Wix handles our site visitors' data please review sections 8, 12, and 13 of Wix's Privacy Policy

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